We apologise that our delivery service to transport goods classified as Dangerous, according to international transport regulations (ADR & IATA), is temporarily suspended.

In the meantime, items which can only be sent on an appropriately licensed 'dangerous goods' courier service, such as Perfume/Aftershave, Aerosols, Nail Varnish, makeup and other flammable items will be available for Collect on Return service only.

Please monitor this website. As soon as the dangerous delivery service is available, we will provide an update on this page. Normal delivery and collect on return services continue to operate as normal. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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From 1st July 2021, all shipments sent to EU countries and overseas are subject to customs clearance, even personal effects. Please note, in addition to current prohibited items, we cannot accept alcohol or foodstuffs to any EU country.