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From December Excess Baggage Company will provide the airport security confiscated item return services for Manchester & Stansted Airports. Your patience is appreciated during this transition period whilst we migrate surrendered prohibited / restricted items into Post & Fly systems.

During this migration period please allow up to 96 hours for items deposited at Manchester & Stansted Airport to be logged. Once the confiscated item is logged, you will have 30 days to book a service to have your item delivered to UK or Europe or you can choose the Collect on Return service. For some items Collect on Return only will be available.

Click here for more information about zones & restrictions

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to process through the backlog of Post & Fly items at both airports as quickly as possible.

Please enter your Post & Fly ticket number in the 'Retrieve My item' section.

Doing so will record you ticket number in the Post & Fly system and we'll email you when your item has been logged on our system, so you can come back and view delivery and collect on return options available to you.

Thanks in advance for your patience & once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please note:
  • The dangerous/non-dangerous classification is made strictly according to international transport regulations (ADR & IATA) and is completely out of our control.
  • Some items will be available for COLLECT ON RETURN option only.