Track a booked Delivery

If you've booked a Delivery, track your item here:

Please enter your Post & Fly 'Delivery Reference number' displayed top right of your Delivery confirmation email (e.g. ABCD12):

Please note that tracking is only available when you have booked and paid for a delivery online.

If you have deposited your item in one of our bins and are looking to retrieve it, please visit the Retrieve my item page, enter your ticket number and choose how you wish to be reunited with your item.

Please be aware that given your item has not been allowed through security control, there is a chance it could be classified as a 'dangerous' item and will need to be sent on a special courier service.

Due to processing and additional packaging requirements to deliver such 'dangerous' goods, please expect such shipments to take an additional 3-5 working days on top of standard domestic or international transit times.